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Hello Wor...

There’s a general tendency for us to feel separated from the rest of the universe - our awareness of "self" and personal identity necessarily means a distinction between "me" and the environment. But we’re still part of it, we came from the deep interior of stars that exploded, we evolved by the very same laws and rules that the rest of the universe evolves by: time and gravity. The tangential point of connection between space and time is the present moment of our experience - hence the importance of living in the moment. Belbao uses food, senses, time and space as mediums to create products and experiences that bring people closer to the universe, making them recognize that everything is profoundly interconnected. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, colors, and many more, are utilized throughout the process to interact with people on a visceral level, helping them to go beyond eating, to realize a more balanced picture of the world.



It's a new world. A new food. The requirement, the intransigence and the imagination are there - those to invite you to have a facelift with a healthy diet, rich in quality nutrients: lean proteins, long fibers, unsaturated fats, vegetables and fruits are teeming with good surprises and irrigate each of our cells. More than a posture or a brand positioning; an idea that tells about the intelligence of nature and the curiosity of Belbao. A dreamed, fortuitous, felt encounter at first, more than thought, in a kind of intuition that prevails against all odds. It's a new world. A world where the preservation of the Earth's resources and the sustainability of a simple, generous, human, sensitive and stimulating way of life seem to us to be a necessary issue, Belbao products are far from the models of chain catering in which the price / quality ratio favors the price. We cultivate values ​​with which nothing is superfluous and where everything is natural. Basically, it is the values ​​of wisdom, work, respect, harmony that civilize us! “When the mind is free, the body is delicate”. This precept, William Shakespeare had made one of the rules of daily life in order "to maintain the vigor of the body and to preserve that of the spirit" said Vauvenargues. Because more than ever we need freedom and lightness, two materials with which we shape our days and relationships with the world. It's a new world. A dreamed world and like a premonitory dream, it guided us straight to you, straightforwardly we dreamed of crossing your path, listening in silence to your deepest aspirations for a more balanced, gentler life and for our greater pleasure it stimulates our imagination and pushes us to act with flexibility, poetry and daring. Dreaming of a healthier life is to take care of ourselfs, to repaint our days in new, beautiful and bewitching colors. It is to give ourselfs the flame of the living spring, the joy of perfumes from elsewhere and the pleasures of here. It's up to you to let yourself be tempted, and to tell us if we are dreaming.



We believe healthy food is a universal necessity, transcending binaries and essential to our individual and collective health. Our focus is on creating real and tasty solutions for common and daily food needs. Through products that are truly focused on quality and considerate of the Earth.



Belbao Saint-Honoré is a new eatery dedicated to serving bespoke yet accessible Japanese, Korean and Amazonian cuisines, filtered through an French consciousness. An old luxury jean store is being transformed into a refined and cool dining experience with unexpected quirks, an homage to diversity and culture. In seeking this location, our first consideration is to work with what already exists. It is our intention to preserve the soul of the place and add something of merit rather than impose a discordant presence, and our unequivocal desire to use a locally relevant design vocabulary.


Cosmic Latte

For our visual identity, we decided to consider two principal colors: ‘Cosmic latte’ and ‘My Soul’. The goal is to ensure the identity to match closer with the core values of the Brand; while establishing complementary colors gradient for flexible application. Cosmic latte is the true average color of the universe, found by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University. After surveying of the light from over 200,000 galaxies, in 2002, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry determined that the average color of the universe was a slightly beigeish white. The hex triplet value for cosmic latte is between #FFFFF6 and #FFF8E7.

My Soul

It’s the name given to matte black in the Pantone color chart, under the reference 19-0923 U



Mirror has the power to deform, to distort our perception, but also to deceive it. This object has the capacity to emphasize or on the contrary to attenuate certain forms, therefore it often arouses the curiosity of the viewer. It is this idea, this common thread that we want to draw on for the first Belbao store.


Progress & Render

Our universe was born 13,7 billion years ago in a massive expansion that blew space up like a gigantic balloon. In fact, It took quite more than seven days to create the universe as we know it today. So, we hope it takes us less effort and time to bring our universe into being. See you soon, see you in september.

Because you didn't come here to make the choice. You've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it.